Gargi Shah

Gargi Shah was born in Mumbai, to her great surprise. She moved quickly to correct the situation... quite literally. She now lives in the appropriately hip village of Anjuna in India's most inappropriate state - Goa.

Brought up in Mumbai and educated in it's private schools, she found her way to a popular Engineering college. Four years of banging mechanical keyboards (when they were not yet cool), she got certified to write computer code professionally.

In spite of all the protests, she slipped away from her Big Indian family of brothers, cousins, aunts, grandparents and maids, to the promising land of California. She attempted studying seriously, but surfing on those warm ocean waves, the daily deluge of cute fraternity boys (and girls) in her campus and the insanely high-speed internet connection got her all tangled up in their bits and bytes.

Meanwhile, she found the love of her life (in the inanimate sense) in Teaching. She worked as a Teaching Assistant to unsuspecting sophomores in the University of California. She has never stopped being a teacher since.

Thereafter, like many lost twenty-somethings looking for meaning, she went on a solo backpacking trip across half the globe. Among other things, she learnt that Argentinians don't know what vegetarian food is, mixed dorm hostels put off even the 'best-laid' plans (wink wink), Zimbabwe ATMs ask(ed) for money withdrawal in multiple of millions... and there is nothing as comfortable as her Big Indian family of brothers, cousins, aunts, grandparents and maids. So, in a triumphant moment, she decided to return to India to live with them and work as a Lecturer in her own Engineering college.

In the last decade she has dabbled in teaching, starting-up, being an executive assistant to her genius father who has taught her invaluable life skills like evaluating risk accurately, challenging the claims of people in neckties and suits (and an MBA) and the essence of Opportunity Cost.

Gargi currently lives with her incredible partner - a thoroughly nice bloke who has been a feminist, sit-down comic, armchair Chess strategist, wishful Marathon runner and a delightful geek. Not to mention, cuter than the fraternity boys.

She cannot imagine a better life!